Roseburg Biomass


Anaheim (4%), IID (8%), LADWP (49%), Riverside (4%), SMUD (23%), MID (6%), TID (4%)

About Roseburg Biomass

The Roseburg Biomass Project is an 11 MW renewable power generation facility located in the City of Weed in Siskiyou, CA. The project began making deliveries to SCPPA on February 16, 2021.

Fiscal Year 2021-2022



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Solar energy is a form of renewable energy produced from the sun's rays. Solar energy is produced when a solar panel built of photovoltaic cells absorbs enough particles of solar energy to dislodge electrons from the material's atoms creating an imbalance in electrons between the cell's front and back surface. The imbalance creates a voltage potential with negative and positive terminals that can be connected into an electrical circuit. The amount of energy that can be produced by solar varies based on the amount and intensity of sunlight, time of day, weather and location. Because it does not produce air or water pollutants, solar energy has a minimal effect on the environment.

FISCAL YEAR 2019-2020
2,015,353 MWhs of Solar Energy generated.