Amersco Landfill Project

Year Built: 2010      Peak Plant Capacity: 9.2 MW Gross / 7.8 MW Net     Generation Type: Landfill Gas

SCPPA Participants:  Burbank, Pasadena

SCPPA Participation

In 2004, SCPPA entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with Ameresco Chiquita Energy LLC which was subsequently amended in 2006, for 100% of the electric generation from the project. The Ameresco energy facility has microturbines onsite with a total generating capacity of  9.2 MW and is located in Valencia, California near Lake Castaic. 


Quarterly Update (October 2016)

In addition to planned maintenance on both turbines, one turbine experienced reduced availability in the third quarter of 2016 due to vibration issues. Overall the capacity factor for this plant has been slightly higher than the past two years.