Board Meeting Notice

This page is updated one week prior to each Board Meeting.
Next update scheduled on 07-12-2018.

Board of Directors

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, as the Executive Director of the Southern California Public Power Authority, that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors is to be held as follows:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

8:00 a.m.

Hyatt Regency Orange County
Garden 3, North Tower
11999 Harbor Blvd.   |   Garden Grove, CA 92840

(714) 750-1234

The following matters are the business to be transacted and considered by the Board of Directors:

1.  Notice/Agenda and Opportunity for the Public to Address the Board
Members of the public may address the Board at this time on any item on today's agenda or any other item that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board. Comments from the members of the public shall be limited to three (3) minutes unless additional time is approved by the Board. Any member of the Board may request that items on the agenda be taken out of order, or that items be added to the agenda pursuant to the provisions of Section 54954.2(b) of the California Government Code. 

2.  Consent Calendar
All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are considered to be routine and will all be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items prior to the time the Board votes on the motion, unless one or more board members request that specific items be discussed or removed for separate discussion or action.

           a.          Minutes of the Board of Directors
For April 19, 2018.

           b.          Monthly Investment Report
For March 2018.
           c.          Quarterly Investment Report
For March 2018.

3.  Executive Director's Report
The Executive Director will report on activities since the last Board Meeting.

           -          Strategic Planning Meeting Outcomes

4.  Government Affairs Reports
The Director of Government Affairs will report on regional, state, and/or federal legislative and regulatory activities affecting Southern California public power utilities including: climate change and air quality, renewable energy and traditional energy resources, transportation and building electrification, alternative energy supplies, resource planning, market and utility operations, and joint powers agreements.

           -          Renewables Portfolio Standard Program (AB 893)
           -          Grid Regionalization (AB 813)
           -          Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program (California Air Resources Board)

                      a.          SCPPA Monthly Federal Legislative Report

4.  Chief Financial Officer's Report
The Chief Financial Officer will report on the status of current financing activities. Topics include:

           -          Canyon Bond Refunding Results
           -          A&G Budget Summary/ Approval

                      a.          Finance Committee Minutes
                                   For April 2, 2018 and April 11, 2018.
                      b.          Resolution 2018-029
                                   Authorizing the Executive Director to implement the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Administrative and General Budget (A&G Budget) including the cost allocation plan.

5.  Project Administration Director's Report
The Director of Project Administration will report on project-related staff and agent activities. Topics include:

           -          Project Budgets

                      a.          Project Reports
                                              -          MPP Operations Report 04-2018
                                              -          Palo Verde Status Report 05-2018
                      b.          Resolutions 2018-030 to 2018-068
                                   Approving the Annual Budgets for SCPPA Projects.

7.  Roundtable Discussion
Opportunity for Board Members to bring up informational items or request that an item be added to a future Board Agenda.

8.  Closed Session
           -          Conference with Labor Negotiator: SCPPA designated representative: Michael S. Webster, Executive Director. Unrepresented employees: All SCPPA staff (excluding Executive Director).
           -          Security: Consultation with Michael S. Webster, Executive Director, and Richard J. Morillo, General Counsel regarding security issues pertaining to the essential public services (water and electric service), pursuant to Section 54957 (a) of the California Government Code.
           -          Public Employment: Work review and performance evaluation of the Executive Director of the Authority pursuant to section 54957 of the California Government Code.
           -          Public Employment: Work review and performance evaluation of the General Counsel of the Authority pursuant to section 54957 of the California Government Code.
           -          Potential Litigation: Conference with legal counsel regarding the potential initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of section 54956.9 of the California Government Code (one potential case).
           -          Potential Litigation: Conference with legal counsel regarding significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of section 54956.9 of the California Government Code (one potential case).

The Authority upon request will provide reasonable accommodation to the disabled to ensure equal access to its meetings. To ensure availability, such request should be made 48 hours in advance by contacting the Authority at (626) 793-9364 during business hours.