Bondholder Contact Information

For bond information, please call one of the toll free numbers listed below (by Project in order of size). It is important to identify the Project associated with your bonds from the following lists.

U.S. Bank Bond Relations
(800) 934-6802
BNY Western Bank Bond Relations
(800) 254-2826
  • Apex Power Project
  • Canyon Power Project
  • Linden Wind Project
  • Magnolia Power Project
  • Mead-Adelanto Transmission Project
  • Mead-Phoenix Transmission Project
  • Milford I Wind Project
  • Milford II Wind Project
  • Natural Gas Reserves Project
  • Natural Gas - Prepaid Project No. 1
  • San Juan (Unit 3) Power Project
  • Southern Transmission System Project
  • Tieton Hydropower Project
  • Windy Point/Windy Flats Project

Corporate Trust Services
Linda Verstuyft
(213) 615-6052
  • Palo Verde Power Project

Corporate Trust Services
Kitty Kwong
(213) 630-6150

Municipal Advisor Rule