Mead-Phoenix Transmission

Year Built: 1996      Transmission Capacity: 1,923 MW     SCPPA Capacity: 249 MW

SCPPA Participants: Anaheim, Azusa, Banning, Burbank, Colton, Glendale, LADWP, Pasadena, Riverside

About the Transmission Line

The Mead-Phoenix Transmission Project is a 256-mile, 200 kV AC transmission line with a rating of 1,923 MW. The line is looped through the 500-kV switchyard constructed in the Mead Substation in southern Nevada that interconnects with the Marketplace Substation near Boulder City, Nevada and runs to the Westwing Station south of Phoenix, Arizona. 

SCPPA Participation

SCPPA's original capacity of the transmission line is 249 MW. In 2015, SCPPA purchased additional capacity on behalf of LADWP.  By connecting to the Marketplace Substation in Nevada, the transmission line interconnects with the Mead-Adelanto Transmission Project which delivers energy from some of the SCPPA projects in Arizona and Nevada.