Ormat Heber 1

Year Built: 1985      Peak Plant Capacity: 62.5 MW Gross / 46 MW Net     Generation Type: Geothermal

SCPPA Participants:  IID,   LADWP

SCPPA Participation

SCPPA signed a 10 year Power Purchase Agreement in 2013 to receive 46 MW of geothermal energy on behalf of IID and LADWP. The Ormat Heber 1 plant is located in the southernmost part of California in Imperial County. The SCPPA participants began receiving energy generation from the facility in the beginning of 2016. 

Quarterly Update (October 2016)

Heber 1 is performing under the monthly average required to reach guaranteed annual minimum generation. However, cooler temperatures in the coming months should increase the efficiency of the plant. Year to date availability is 96%.