Acquired by SCPPA: 2005  

SCPPA Participants: Anaheim,  Burbank,  Colton,  Glendale,  Pasadena

About the Gas Reserves

In 2005, SCPPA, together with LADWP and Turlock Irrigation District, acquired 42.5% of an undivided working interest in three natural gas leases located in the Pinedale Anticline region of the state of Wyoming. SCPPA's individual shares in these interests equals 14.9%. The purchase includes 38 operating oil and gas wells and associated lateral pipelines. The natural gas field production is expected to increase for several more years as additional capital is invested on drilling new wells and then decline over a life expectancy greater than 30 years.  SCPPA secured a reliable supply of natural gas, thereby limiting the participants exposure to future supply shortages and price spikes.