About SCPPA Training

Aligning with the mission of providing value-added services to enhance Member operational efficiencies and increase savings for members, SCPPA contracted for the 1172 Nicole Court building in 2016 with the goal of creating a Training Center. After some much needed renovation, the SCPPA Training Center successfully opened its doors to Members on February 1, 2017. The SCPPA Training Center two classrooms, one small and one large, designed to accommodate a variety of training courses.

The SCPPA Training Center was designed to provide SCPPA Members with a variety of customized, locally hosted, training courses at a significantly reduced cost. Some of the advantages of SCPPA In-House Training Include:
  •             ● Cost Savings
  •             ● Customized Training
  •             ● Increased Collaboration
  •             ● Member Staff Development
SCPPA is continuously working to improve the services we offer to our Members and to make them more accessible and affordable. With that in mind, we are so pleased to present the 2021-22 SCPPA Training Catalog to facilitate your training needs. The courses we’ve selected are grouped into three categories: Accounting/Finance, Operations, & Professional Development. If there is a particular course you do not see scheduled, continue on to the back of the catalog where you’ll find over a hundred more courses available by request. You can help us as we continue to build on the success of the Training Program by sharing your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Training Coordinator at training@scppa.org.

All SCPPA training course fees include course materials, meals (Breakfast/Lunch), and snacks unless otherwise noted on the online registration web page. Course fees are typically listed as an estimated range  (minimum-maximum) based on the course participant capacity. Final course costs are determined by the total number of registrations. All Non-Member registration fees will be charged according to the Non-Member Participant Training Fee Policy