City of Azusa

Azusa’s electric utility was established in 1904 after the City purchased a private power company. Its water utility was established in 1900.  The City operates these two utilities through the Azusa Light & Water (ALW) brand. Both utilities provide service within the City of Azusa and the water utility also serves portions of Covina, Glendora, Irwindale, West Covina, and Los Angeles county unincorporated areas. ALW’s water and electric utilities are each responsible for resource planning and delivery to retail customers through the City owned, operated and maintained distribution systems. 

ALW’s electric utility operates within the California ISO Balancing Authority acting as a Utility Distribution Company (UDC) and a Participating Transmission Owner (PTO). The electric utility currently receives power from 11 renewable resource projects and 4 conventional power resources, with total power production capability of up to approximately 300,000 MWH/year. Azusa’s utilities are fully compliant with all state and federal laws. The electric utility is on track to meet/exceed the 33% renewable power content in 2020 with estimated 2017 deliveries to exceed 30%. Azusa is compliant with AB32 (Global Warming Solutions Act) through its participation in the State’s cap-and –trade program.

Customers - Retail16,555
Power Generated and Purchased (in MWh)
Total Revenues (000s)$41,558**
Operating Costs (000s)$39,156**
*Purchased Power is Net Power Used to Serve Azusa Load
**Unaudited Fiscal Year End June 30, 2017 Information