City of Colton

The largest and oldest municipal utility in San Bernardino County, the Colton Electric Department has been meeting the electric needs of Colton’s businesses and residents since 1895. Today, the Department serves approximately 20,317 customers with a diverse mix of generation resources. The Department’s main focus is ensuring that customer’s use electricity effectively to minimize their costs and promote sustainability. Colton’s residents want improved environmental quality and support the steps taken by the Department to improve the quality of life in the city. Department efforts include acquiring renewable resources and working with residential and business customers to install energy efficient equipment and appliances.

The Department looks forward to serving the electric needs of the community with low-cost, reliable supplies for the next 125 years and to serve as an asset helping promote economic development in the City.

Customers - Retail20,208*
Power Generated and Purchased (in MWh)
Total Revenues (000s)$63,796*
Operating Costs (000s)$46,867*
Preliminary & Unaudited Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2021 Information