TRAINING: Effective Negotiating

2 - Day Course 

April 25th - April 26th

Company: Karrass

Course Info: The EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATING® Seminar provides a powerful understanding of the skills necessary to negotiate better agreements and relationships. You will learn how to recognize and respond to various negotiating tactics, how to develop a negotiating strategy, how to plan for negotiations, how to identify Both-Win® opportunities, and how to put these practical skills to work. You will leave this seminar armed with practical skills that provide you a better understanding and more control over all of your negotiations.

The seminar emphasizes how to create Both-Win® negotiating opportunities. You learn how to negotiate like an entrepreneur: identifying efficiencies, seizing key moments to build greater value for both parties, and paving the way for long-lasting relationships. Unlike the overly-competitive approach many people take when negotiating, Both-Win® negotiating demonstrates there is always a better deal possible for both sides…if you know how and where to look for it.

Registration: Please contact Arpi Lepedzhyan if you would like to register for this course.